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Akhal Teke Association of America

1999 North America Breeding/Evaluation

In the Spring of 1999, the ATAA conducted an grading/evaluation of North American Akhal-Tekes with Tatyana Ryabova, main inspector and registrar of the studbook of the Akhal-Teke breeding center for MAAK.

Grading is a service provided by the ATAA through MAAK to help breeders evaluate how our horses compare to Akhal-Tekes worldwide. Tatyana will give written and oral comments and give general information about the horse, such as how well the horse represents his or her line. This is an exciting educational opportunity for breeders and owners alike.

Both purebred and non-purebred horses are eligible for grading and registration in the MAAK studbooks (horse registration in MAAK is not required).

The grading/evaluations were conducted at five locations in the United States:

- Seattle, Washington, Cascade Gold Akhal-Tekes - April 17

- Lapwai, Idaho, Nez Perce Young Horseman Program - April 19

- Northern Colorado, Magic Valley Ranch - April 22

- So. Texas, Akhaltekinets - April 25th

- St. James, Missouri, Ozark Golden Akhal-Tekes - April 28

The ATAA plans on bringing a MAAK official to the U.S. for a tour at least once every three years, so plan accordingly.

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Results of the 1999 Grading/Evaluations: